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This will be our 20th consecutive Samoyed Art Show!

All about the Samoyed Art Show

Entry Deadlines, Fees, etc.

Artwork Entry Categories

Level of Mastery

For the purposes of judging, artists shall also designate their entries by Level of Mastery:

This distinction has nothing to do with whether or not a person makes a living selling their art (or has ever sold a piece).  Your mastery of one technique or medium might be at the amateur level, while you may be an “old pro” when creating art in a different medium.  It is up to you to decide what level of mastery you have achieved in any given medium.  As such, if you enter more than one item in the Samoyed Art Show, each entry should be designated at the appropriate mastery level for your work in that specific medium.  If you feel you are working at an amateur level in a certain medium, then you should designate any pieces done using that medium for entry in the Amateur category.  If you feel your mastery of a given medium is at professional level, you should enter your masterpieces made with that technique/medium in the Professional category.  Preparation of Entries 
We suggest that you take measures to protect your 2-Dimensional pieces and photographic pieces.  They also need to be displayable. Matting serves this function very well. Frames are also acceptable, but not required.  If your piece is likely to smudge, we suggest you cover it with shrink-wrap, glass, acrylic or a similar type of protection.  Entering good quality prints of your original work is another excellent way to avoid smudging.  Please mark your artwork with your name in a location that will not show during display, such as the bottom of 3-dimensional pieces or the back of 2-dimensional pieces. Fabric pieces may be marked on the inside or with an attached tag that is hidden from view.

PLEASE DON’T FORGET!  The DEADLINE for delivering entries to the Art Show Committee on site is MONDAY, Sept. 23 at 5pm in the hospitality room.

We appreciate your interest in entering the 2019 Samoyed Art Show, and we look forward to seeing your artistic masterpieces!

If you have any questions, or if you need to mail your pre-entry form, please contact or send the form to Pam Landers, 26587 Edna Lake Road, Nisswa, MN 56468, pamlan@tds.net, 218-839-4181.

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